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8-Point Drupal Migration Planning Checklist

This 8-point Drupal migration planning checklist will help your team to plot a Drupal 8/9 migration course that steers clear of rough winds and unplanned setbacks. Whether you are migrating a site from Drupal 7 or 8 to Drupal 9, we’ve outlined solid action steps for the migration planning process to help you confidently plan for success. 

Web migration projects can be complicated. The key to avoiding unwanted surprises and setbacks is planning within a framework of a clear vision of what’s involved. So let us help you get started!

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Start Smart by Starting Now!

This free Drupal migration planning checklist can serve as a roadmap for getting alignment and clarity on the essential factors that clear the path for a streamlined migration.

+ Includes essential steps to approach your Drupal migration.

+ Learn tips for content inventory.

+ Find out hidden complexities before you encounter them in your migration.

+ How to assess your modules for upgrade.

+ Theme and design considerations before you start the migration.