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9 Point Site Heuristics Checklist

Heuristics refers to a decision-making technique for working with complex processes when multiple factors are at play. Promet’s 9-Point Heuristic Checklist for Site Usability provides web designers, developers, and site owners with a best-practice framework for helping to ensure a great user experience.

A Quick-Start Guide to Usability Best Practices

This essential reference will help to internalize UI (User Interface) best practices while serving as a reminder that, whether consciously or unconsciously, users also engage in mental shortcuts when they land on a site and decide whether or not to engage with the content. Close attention to usability heuristics is key to creating a user experience that optimizes first impressions and maintains user engagement.

Receive our 9 Point Heuristic Checklist for Usability 

Provides a quick-start guide to usability best-practices and a framework for helping to ensure a great user experience. 

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This 9-Point Heuristic Checklist for Site Usability provides a concise grid to help keep users and current best practices top of mind when evaluating:




User Experience & User Interface (UI/UX)

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